4 Reasons to do an Energy Audit

For many companies, energy costs are already quite high and these are only going higher. By some estimates, a company spends about 20% of their manufacturing expenses on its facility’s energy consumption. By conducting an energy audit, you can become aware of the energy consumption that is linked to your business and discover ways in which to reduce usage and spending. Here are 4 important benefits of an energy audit for your building.

Lower Energy Bills

This is the most obvious and beneficial impact of conducting an energy audit. You can cut down your energy spending by up to 30% with an energy audit for buildings. This audit will also help you become more efficient in your spending and redistribute spends to where they are most required while cutting down in areas that are not as useful.

Identify Building Issues

An energy audit can help you identify underperforming areas in your business in terms of energy usage, and also alert you of mechanical or electrical issues. You might have leakages in your air conditioning units which will increase your costs considerably, or you could have outdated smoke detectors or fire extinguishers which need to be replaced. An energy audit not only helps with energy-related questions but is also important for health and safety reasons.

Customized Solutions

Many types of energy audits can be personalised to your specific company and requirements. Most experts will suggest the newest and most efficient technologies and products to incorporate into your building. These recommendations might include lighting, ventilation and cooling, weatherization measures like insulation, HVAC, sealing and more.

Though these changes might be costly, you will see long-term returns on these upgrades and modifications thanks to your significantly reduced energy bills.

Better for the Environment

An energy audit highlights the importance of sustainable energy and how you can pivot to renewable sources where possible. Not only does this help support the planet in the long-term, it also shows your stakeholders and partners that your company cares about sustainability and energy usage. This can be helpful when it comes to the brand&r squo;s public image and also for fundraising.;

So, no matter what your reasons for doing an energy audit for buildings or energy audit for households, the result will always be beneficial! If you want to book your SILA Energy Audit today to start reaping its rewards now contact the BD Team at [email protected] We can help you conduct a professional energy audit at your household or commercial building to give you complete peace of mind and satisfaction.