A fire is one of the scariest and most unexpected emergencies that can occur and often leads to fire safety mistakes. Many of us do not take the time to understand how to put out a fire or know the rules for correct fire management, which is a risk we take on our own lives and the lives of those around us. At SILA, we spend an incredible amount of time researching and designing safety techniques and processesfor all types of emergencies, including fire. Here are the 5 most common mistakes people make during a fire emergency, along with tips on how to best manage a fire.

Not Having A Fire Safety Plan

This is one of the most common mistakes that so many of us make when it comes to our safety. A fire can happen at any time and anywhere, and developing a plan which includes the maintenance of fire safety equipment is imperative to this. From knowing the various escape routes to learning how to correctly put out a fire, creating a plan with a professional is advisable for both residentialand commercial buildings.

If you’re interested in beating this obstacle, why not sign up forSILA’s Fire Safety Training and Fire Emergency Readiness offered for both commercial and residential projects? This way you can ensure your entire team and family know exactly what to do in the event of a fire emergency.

Not Knowing How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

Most of what we know about fires and emergencies is from scenes in movies. You might have seen people use a fire extinguisher but learning how to use one yourself is extremely important. A fire extinguisher can save your life during a fire. A big mistake people make is that they aim the extinguisher high above the flames. Instead, one must point the fire extinguisher directly at the base of the fire in order to combat it. 

The simplest explanation of how to use a fire extinguisher is to pull out the pin and aim the nozzle at the base of the fire. Once you are in position, pull the trigger and move in a horizontal motion from side to side. Always check for the expiration date of the fire extinguisher as these should be replaced every 2-3 years. It’s important to learn about the different categories of fire extinguishers and also to be on top of the maintenance of fire safety equipment. 

Not Leaving The Area Quickly

A fire is a shocking and traumatic experience. Many people start to panic and go into shock, and are unable to think rationally. There have been many instances of people waiting for help in a burning building or going back in for their belongings. The best course of action is to quickly gather your family and pets and escape via the designated route as soon as possible.