Living in big cities, we often give up the luxury of space. From crowded streets to cramped spaces, it’s hard to find open areas that make you feel relaxed and calm. Our homes are where we end up spending a lot of our time, but what do you do if your home doesn’t feel spacious either?

We asked our professional team of SILA interior designers to share their top tips for making a space look and feel larger, and here’s what they had to say.

Service ACs Regularly

This was one thing everyone mentioned. When we’re at home, we often get used to the same clutter and mess that’s visible everyday. However, these corners stuffed with shoes, books or decor objects can end up looking messy and unappealing. In order to start making your space look bigger, you need to get rid of the unnecessary and organise the essentials. Find ways to hide your storage, under beds and on top of closets in order to keep things out of sight.

Use Neutral, Soft Colours

You might have noticed that deep, dark shades like burgundy and mustard can make a room feel cosy and intimate. And actually, the opposite is true of lighter pastel shades like baby blue and lemon yellow. If you’re working with a small space, find ways to use neutral or pastel tones as much as possible. Keeping everything in white can be quite boring so use pops of beige, brown, light blue or pale green to create interest and the feeling of space.

Pick See Through Materials

When you can see through something, anything on the other side will appear further away than it is tricking the mind into thinking that there is more space than in reality. For example, in a small bathroom, get rid of an opaque shower partition and replace this with something clear and thin. Choose materials like glass or lucite for your coffee tabletop or dining table, to open up the space around it.

Choose Plain Upholstery

You might find designers telling you that horizontal stripes will open up your space, however, unless everything else is totally neutral, this could end up making your space seem messier than it is. When choosing fabrics for bed covers, curtains, sofas and cushions, stick to light, natural-looking fabrics that are light in colour and in one solid tone. Any prints or patterns will add a busy feeling to your room..

Be Smart With Lighting

If you are lucky enough to have natural light in your space, then make the most of it. Open up your windows with sheer curtains, place plants and light pieces of furniture near the window and watch your space open up. If you’re not this lucky, worry not. You can create the illusion of natural light with smart lighting fixtures and warm, yellow LED bulbs. Choose light coloured lampshades and minimalistic fixtures to brighten up your room without adding any bulk.

You might think that you are at a disadvantage if you live in a small space, however, with the right tricks and hacks, you can at least create a feeling of spaciousness and calm!

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