All You Need To Know About Anti-Viral Treatments

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Keeping our premises and surroundings well-sanitized is imperative than it's ever been. Thorough, regular Anti-Viral treatments is your first line of defense to assure complete safety of health and to disinfect the environment. 


All You Need to Know:

The ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogger is a cold fogger which operates using cold fogging techniques.

It emits water droplets as small droplets size anywhere between 5 to 30 microns; foggers equipped with motors that produce high power, low-pressure air stream. The solution then gets pumped into a special nozzle that is structured to give the airflow a swirling motion. A high air pressure produced by the motor helps to spray the fogging liquid trough the nozzle, separating it into tiny particles.

The liquid solution gets sprayed out of the nozzle in the form of a fog or a fine mist. ULV foggers mostly work on electricity, which is needed to power an electric motor. The particles size ULV fogger produce can be adjusted to output a precisely sized particle, which allows using the fogger in different applications. Also, because ULV foggers use cold fogging techniques and do not get heated to high temperatures, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.



Anti-Viral Disinfection Treatment Service Details

The disinfection treatments remove bacteria and germs, and are considered Anti-Viral treatments for Commercial or Residential spaces. The chemical used to execute this treatment using Diversey Virex 256 (Ammonium Chloride-5 to 10%) or equivalent disinfectant (Sodium Hypochlorite) approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) which helps to sanitize and disinfect the treated areas.



Precautions to be taken before and after the treatment:

1. All electrical gadgets should be covered while the treatment as Water-Diluted chemicals are used.

2. The area should be properly closed after the treatment.

3. No person should enter the treated area for a minimum for 4 Hours.

4. Post 4 Hours, treated area's Windows and Doors should be opened to ventilate the area so that remaining chemical residue will go and skin irritation is avoided.

5. Once the area is ventilated, staff can enter the treated area post 30 Minutes. 


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