Before Resuming Any Contracting Work, Take These Precautions

Interior Contracting

1) Daily morning briefing session health and safety meeting to be arranged to review and ensure social distancing norms.


2) During these sessions, health and safety officer on must inform everyone including workers about the safety and important updates.


3) All necessary arrangement for a public announcement to be made for ease of information.


4) Construction workers will not be allowed to go outside of site areas. All essential items will be made available to them onsite. If completely necessary, they can go outside wearing a face mask after informing their supervisor.


5) No permission will be given to out-of-town workers to stay on the site without following proper procedures and instructions.


6) The workers coming from out of town should observe home quarantine for at least 14 days as per formal guidelines.


7) Only medically fit workers must be allowed to work at the site. Medical assistant/s should be arranged for unfit workers. Medical check-up camps should be arranged periodically.


8) Avoid large gatherings and meetings and maintain 1mtr/3 feet distance from each person, especially those having flu-like symptoms, during any interactions.


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