Capitalizing on LinkedIn for Recruitment

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When do you think about a professional network, a complete B2B platform, which is the first name that comes to your mind? LinkedIn! Besides helping you largely for building connections and networking, it also serves as a huge platform for recruitment. Let’s look at a few measures through which you can make the most of it.


Company Profile –


Your company page should be completely updated and active. This is where your company introduces itself to its potential candidates. Besides sharing all the basic information with respect to the company on the page, I also share recent updates and insights on the industry. The company page serves a dual purpose – gives a brief understanding of the company and also helps the candidate measure if the company is a good employer as per his/her parameters. Ensure that the company’s values are reflected in the information and posts shared.


Database –


LinkedIn has over 150 million users which gives you numerous possibilities for a single position. LinkedIn profiles these days are quite accurate; they help you narrow down the candidates as per your criteria such as location, previous companies, job title and more. Along with the individual profiles, LinkedIn also gives you options of being a part of industry-specific groups that a recruiter can use at its advantage to scout and hire. The biggest advantage of LinkedIn is that the database is authentic and verified.


Employee Referral –


The most effective and quickest form of recruitment is through your employees. Employees these days are quite active on LinkedIn, and it is easy for them to connect to other employees/colleagues in the same profession or leverage on their existing network to look for the right candidates. You can ask your employees to connect and build relationships with certain candidates that you are looking to hire eventually turning them into employee advocates.


Job-Postings –


It is quite simple to share and distribute current openings on this platform; besides the normal job-postings, you can also use LinkedIn job postings for active candidates. Add an ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ option in your job posts. Some organizations have already started substituting LinkedIn profiles in place of regular resumes when it comes to hiring the right candidate.


Recommendations –


You can gather additional information about your candidate through the recommendation feature; though this is subjective it does provide you with insights on the candidate and what experiences others have had from working with him/her. It also has an additional option called endorsements which highlights your candidate’s skillset for your understanding to check if it’s in alignment with the skill set required for the current open position.


Communications –


LinkedIn gives you an ‘InMail’ option which lets you send an email to connect to your potential candidates; though these emails need to be scripted correctly to receive a correct response. As a part of the communications strategy, LinkedIn also allows you to place your company banners/ads describing the product or the service to the right audience.


Data Analytics –


LinkedIn gives you a detailed analysis in respect to every post that you share helping you comprehend your reach accurately. Another helpful feature is that when someone follows your company page, all the company updates are shared with them – New products, services, personnel changes, and job opportunities. And at the same time, it gives you data analytics of every information/post shared in terms of its visibility and reaches, making it easier for the organization to understand and gauge the potential candidates and their interest in the organization.


We are past the days where it was about reaching multiple job portals in order to find the right candidate which used to be quite time-consuming. Thanks to platforms like LinkedIn, the recruitment process is now more streamlined and simpler. The measures shared above are just a few basic steps, the platform is an extensive one that is inclusive of many important aspects – Employer branding, Networking, and Recruitment helping you capitalize through this platform in many different and productive ways.


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