Good Leaders Follow The Herd

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A leader is a person who ensures that his team grows along with her/him and for this; the leader is mandatorily required to be inclusive, but how? To achieve that, the leadership style has to be dynamic and it also needs to vary based on the situation in hand. But what is essential for every leader to be successful is to be inclusive. Let’s look at a few measures a leader should adopt in order to do the same.


No matter which field you are in, from project management to real estate advisory, an idea can come from anywhere if a manager believes in this philosophy it can benefit the respective department & organization at large. Hence, having an open door philosophy creates a positive impact on the employees. Employees feel a sense of responsibility and pride when they believe that the management encourages open flow of communication and their inputs & feedback are valued. It also helps in bringing transparency in the processes & building trust amongst the employees as well as the management as the employee is able to skip hierarchy and communicate directly with the top management. However, such procedures need to be monitored and exercised in a meticulous manner to ensure that the purpose of introducing such processes is being accomplished.


In today’s dynamic corporate world, identifying and retaining key talent has become a challenge for the managers, especially in the fields of real estate advisory due to the niche skill set required. Another important aspect which is often been overlooked is that when the key talent is being offered critical roles - are these highly potential employees ready to handle these important roles? An HBR study states that “70% of today’s high performers lack critical attributes essential to their success in future roles”. Hence, there is a need to constantly train & develop them to ensure that they are performing to the best of their ability in their new role. To perform well at any job, the key questions that a manager is required to get answers for are – whether the person is capable enough to take on the new role? Is the employee involved & committed enough towards the organization? What are the employee’s expectations from the role?


Real estate services is an exciting industry that experiences competitive hiring and unprecedented demand. Here are key skills that an HR manager should lookout while onboarding and investing in the best talent especially in the real estate industry.


Knowing the pulse of the realty market:

The real estate advisory sector is dynamic in nature and has witnessed several developments in the last two years. It is imperative that one has a good understanding of the market and is up to date with the flux that the industry is facing. This is a basic requirement for the candidate to grow and excel in the industry. This increases confidence amongst clients/ customers and strengthens the relationship. Whether it is the sales department or the finance department, knowledge about the industry becomes crucial to bring workable strategies to the table.


Persuasion skills:

Buying a house is a major decision in the life of a homebuyer. To consult a home buyer in making the right decision requires strong persuasion and negotiation skills.


Team Building::

To sell a dream requires a team of partners and not agents. The ability to build an efficient and trusted team can create value services for your clients/ consumers. Professional networking skills will enable the team members to perform better and keep them motivated.


The Hays Global Gender Diversity Report of 2016 says ‘Men and women are equally ambitious, with 73% of men and 67% of women aspiring to reach a top leadership position’


In particular, women should be at an executive decision-making position within the company's HR team. This is because every new candidate has his or her own unique qualities, and every existing employee displays unique potential for further growth. The ability of women to sense hidden qualities, character traits, and emotional undercurrents allows women decision-makers in the HR department to sharp-focus on these areas in individual employees and to accurately position these talents in the most suitable manner - be it from a hiring perspective or existing career growth perspective. A progressive firm should also ensure that it has at least one woman representative in every campus recruitment team to ensure that women candidates get a fair chance, with a focus on increasing the percentage of women working at the firm.


If the Managers follow a few of these methods, it would definitely increase their probabilities of becoming an inclusive leader and building a high-performance and high-growth organization.