Maintenance Tips for your Home

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The Facility Management Industry has made the corporate and residential spaces much easier, but what about your homes? Owning a home is a never-ending list of to-do activities, which can be - the cleaning of your furnace filter, cleaning of the heat pump, inspecting plumbing leaks and electrical circuits amongst many others. Let us help you with a few tips for the maintenance of your home.

Test GFCI Outlets –

To begin with, test the working condition of your GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets on a frequent basis. Bathrooms and kitchen areas are the most exposed to moisture and these outlets are designed to maintain safety by avoiding electrical shocks and reducing the possibility of fire by shutting down the flow of electricity whenever a ground fault may occur.  


The simplest way to do this is plug in your tester and switch on the test button. If the power goes off, the GFCI outlet is in good working condition. If not, it needs to be replaced. Press the reset button to restore power.

Check HVAC systems – 

Regularly clean and service the furnace and the A/C compressor. Call your HVAC technician to check the ductwork for signs of damage once in a while and if required get a servicing done by them.

Replace the Furnace Filter - 

This needs to be done once every two months. As the dirt stores up across the filter, it makes the running of the furnace really hard. This will eventually lead to less heating, higher electricity bills, and possible health risks because of air pollution.

Fix leakages –

Leaks in pipes eventually lead to the water finding its way into the walls, foundations, and floors resulting in substantial damage with repairs costing a huge amount. Make sure your leakages are fixed at an early stage itself. A frequent check should be scheduled with a plumber to come and assess damages and leakages if any.

Update alarm/alert systems –

A home should have a smoke alarm system outside each room and across floors in case of a duplex house. Alarm systems do not prevent fire but they can save lives in case of a mishap and also minimizes the damage. Install a security system that covers intrusion detection, intrusion alarms, remote monitoring through smart devices, creating a safe zone for everyone. Above all, please ensure that the systems are updated and maintained on a frequent basis.

Carpet Cleaning –

Carpet stains, mud, liquid spills, and shoe dirt are regular for homes with carpets. There are several DIY cleaning methods like the use of a liquid spray cleaner, foam shampooing, a carpet cleaning powder along with a cleaning machine. But if you are not the furniture shifting kind, make it easy for yourself by hiring a carpet cleaning/shampooing service to do the tedious task in an efficient manner.

Pest Control –

Many walls have tiny passages through which insects and pests can sneak in. The biggest issue in houses is termites as they primarily feed on wood leading to big damages in your furniture and walls. Most pest control companies give termite inspections for free. Get that done at regular intervals to keep your house protected, and if required get pest control done as well.

Deep Cleaning –

Your house requires a deep clean every month. Appliances, beds, windows and every nook of the house should be cleaned thoroughly as this will not allow the dust to accumulate. And if you do not mind a little cost, it is advisable to get a deep cleaning done from an expert once every three months.


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