Mumbai Rains: Protect yourself from mosquitoes and Malaria

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As the rain settles in for the season in Mumbai, it is imperative for us to protect ourselves and our loved ones from waterborne diseases such as dengue and malaria. Malaria is mainly caused by mosquitoes, which are rampant during this season.


Here are a few ways to restrict mosquitoes and malaria:


1) Clean and mop your premises often. 


2) Get rid of excess and stagnant water; these are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 


3) Avoid storing water in pots, tyres, tanks, and coolers. If you must store water, cover storage areas such as water storage tanks and containers.


4) Close doors and windows before sunset - Mosquitoes are usually more active during and post-sunset; ensure you close all doors and windows before sunset.


5) Wear clothes that keep you fully covered, with minimal skin exposed. Wear full-sleeved shirts, kurtas, blouses or dresses; full-length pants, pyjamas, leggings, etc. Wear pastels or light colored clothing.


6) The use of larvivorous fish for mosquito control is a known practice in many places. Fishes like guppy or gambusia can be used in fountains, aquariums, ornamental tanks and other places to combat mosquitoes effectively.


7) Certain food items are known to help cope with infections before the immune system is damaged further. Strengthen your immune system and block these diseases with a well-rounded diet.


8) Try to use insect sprays containing pyrethroids during the evenings and nights in your house, especially around the sleeping areas. Also, apply insect repellent lotions and creams to all exposed areas of your body. There are mosquito repellent roll-ons available as well that you can dab on your clothes.


9) Depending on the risk level, you may need to take anti-malarial medication like chemoprophylaxis on a daily or weekly basis to prevent malaria. Consult a doctor for complete guidance on how and when to take the medicine. Check with your physician to suggest medicine to prevent chikungunya and dengue as well.


Safeguarding yourself and your families at this time is paramount. For more information, facts and pest control services (PAN INDIA), get in touch with us at Envocare Pest Control, a SILA company.


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