New Technologies in Facility Management

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From IoT (Internet of Things) to Artificial Intelligence, we have begun using sophisticated technologies to aid service delivery in Facility Management (FM).

Internet of Things (IoT) -

The data generated through IoT backed technology will soon assist an FM team in performing various tasks more efficiently than before. For example, IoT related software can help prevent maintenance issues that specifically includes machinery breakdown problems in advance. This will improve not just productivity but also save time taken for regular maintenance operations. Currently, the costs of implementing IoT based technologies are high, resulting in investment recovery timelines & lower ROIs. At SILA, we expect the costs of implementing this kind of technology to reduce over the coming years, making it viable for asset owners & managers.

Artificial Intelligence –

IoT has been around for many decades, but only through the advances made in artificial intelligence can the data generated through IoT be analyzed. AI technology will soon convert buildings into self-sufficient systems that will by itself handle the energy, fire, waste management, safety & security and cleaning – the overall maintenance. AI with the help of the data generated through IoT will work on capitalizing on the building’s systems and FM operations. Soon IoT along with AI will be a norm and not an exception.

Facility Management Software -

Capturing and analyzing data through training and operations audits, employee performance rating module which gives an accurate report for every employee on the basis of the quality of work, knowledge, attendance and training needs are few of the processes that are already implemented. It also helps in keeping a track of equipment and machinery performance on site with respect to status, knowledge and the condition of the equipment/machinery which also gives an understanding of the service outcome at regular intervals. 


In order to integrate the use of technology to improve on the service delivery, SILA has already invested in customized Facility Management software called ‘SILA Connect’. SILA Connect is a software that allows the operating teams and clients to optimize and monitor service delivery on-the cloud. This platform helps with:

Billing, Attendance and Payroll –

SILA Connect has enabled us to capture real-time attendance data via the smartphone-based SILA Connect app, wherein staff in/out times are captured and relayed to the backend system to calculate billing, attendance, and payroll outputs real-time. This system helps SILA to reduce the time taken to generate invoices and streamline payroll processes like salary payout and salary slips generation. This system also helps the client representative to reduce the time and effort spent in going through hard copies of attendance registers as the system provides the attendance in an interactive electronic form for their approval before the invoice and payroll is generated

Capture and analyze data through Training and Operations -

The Training and Operations audit reports filed by the team has the detailed report of the site operations which includes record maintenance of the attendance book, stock register, duty allocation, job card, logbook, employee details file, document master file, washroom checklist, supervisor checklist and site grievances i.e. any difficulties faced by staff on site

Track the performance of each employee on a monthly basis -

Performance Rating module gives a precise report for every employee on the basis of the quality of work, knowledge, attendance and training needs. This further helps SILA determine the training module and topics for the following month based on the training needs insights provided through the Performance Rating module

Keeps a tab of equipment and machinery performance on site with respect to status, knowledge and the condition of the equipment/machinery, hence giving an understanding of the service outcome at regular intervals

Analytics and Insights -

This is a detailed analysis of the site with regard to site performance, client feedback, employee performance, and training needs.

Robotics –

Robots are creating a mark today in almost every industry. They will soon play a huge role in FM as well, for e.g. you might be able to conduct around the clock security through eliminating the need to deploy manpower physically, thus reducing the cost behind it. Experts believe that soon new technologies will create machines that will comprehend and resolve issues without the requirement of human help.

Wireless Technology –

Wireless technology and sensors will be the next ‘new’ in operations for FM. Technology combined with IoT is already starting to develop all-access passes. Soon it will unlock the front door for you, sign you in automatically and maybe start your computer before you reach your desk in the morning. The security issue is a major concern over here that will have to be addressed, nonetheless, wireless technology will help streamline and optimize operations through the  facility management services.


We are looking at the future of the Facility Management services here, although it has already started shifting towards a more automated service delivery model with many large companies including SILA now offering technology-driven platforms.