Secrets to a Healthy Home

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There are a lot of essentials that go behind building a good home, more importantly keeping it safe and healthy. Let’s look at some of them.


Electrical Safety:

First and foremost, ensure that your house is electrically safe. Install smoke alarms on every floor and near all your rooms, test the smoke alarms monthly and change the batteries every year.

Clean up clutter so insects and rodents do not have a place to hide. Keep your floor clear of electrical cords and other clutter such as shoes, toys, and clothing.


Insulate your home:

Insulating your home is the best way to make your home comfortable and safe and it is also the most cost-effective one. Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow and is essential for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. A sealed home also improves indoor air quality.


Pest Control:

Seal openings to the outside and between rooms to keep pets out. Keep your dustbins covered and ensure that you regularly clean up the garbage cans; this will not give the pests extra food to eat. Also make sure your food is always covered. Fix your leaks and wipe up spilled water so pests have nothing to drink. And ensure you get a Pest Control treatment done on a mandatory basis. Pest Control treatments will help you keep away the cockroaches, drain flies, fruit flies, black and red ants that do not get cleaned through customary sweeping and mopping.



Always use a kitchen exhaust fan that vents outside; this will help avoid moisture in the house. Never leave food unattended on the stove. Use safe cleaning and pest-control products (keep them locked away from children, follow label directions, and dispose of these products safely).



Keep all medications locked in the medicine cabinet using childproof caps. Open the doors and windows post usage to get fresh air. Use a bathroom exhaust fan. Buff and Sanitize the toilet sink and shower. Wipe and keep your exterior shelves organized. Always clean and remove stains on mirrors and glass. Also have the tiles, windows and exhaust fans in the bathrooms cleaned on a regular basis by a professional.


Living Rooms:

Ensure that you get floor marble polishing done in your living room. This treatment is recommended semi-annually in homes where the footfall is high. It will revive the gloss & shine of the marble by removing the dirt from the pores hence leaving the rooms much cleaner and germs free. Old carpets in the living rooms should be washed or replaced to ensure they do not slide. Carpets on bare floors should have on-skid mats underneath them. Also, sofas and chairs that are upholstered with fabrics contain a lot of harmful chemicals, having heavy dust in them can act as asthma triggers. So an upholstery treatment is recommended especially with homes that have pets as they carry a lot of bacteria in their fur.



Bangalore has the unique problem of having high groundwater levels (despite it having been depleted over the years) in a non-coastal city. This causes concrete constructions in Bangalore that leads to facing an issue of rising damp (A rising damp is when groundwater seeps up through your structure). A plastic or steel sheet will need to be vibrated into your wall. You could focus on applying a layer of liquid or self-adhering membrane available on the market to your wall. This will allow you to avoid the dampness in your wall from having adverse effects within your home.


Quick Cleaning tips for a healthier home:

Dust Regularly - Dust thoroughly, and clean and replace air conditioning filters regularly, clean ducts and vents to reduce pollen and other airborne allergens


Medicine Cabinets - Ensure that your medicine cabinet is organized. Get rid of all the older medications and if some medications have expired, discard them safely


Store Rooms – Make sure you get rid of all the ‘toxic’ items on a regular basis i.e. cleaning products, pain cans, thinners, oils, solvents, expired food items and others from your store room. Do not throw these items in your regular trash can; make sure you pack them separately and give it to your garbage cleaner


Change Batteries - Make sure the batteries are changed regularly and working. Do not throw batteries in the trash - dispose of old batteries by recycling or taking them to a hazardous waste center


Pest Control treatment – Finally, the most important one. Besides the fact that it is mandatory to get a Pest Control treatment done, please also ensure that the treatment is eco-friendly which includes herbal sprays and gel treatments only. It should also be odorless and safe for pets


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