These Are The Office Interior Essentials You Cannot Afford to Miss

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Designing a new office or home interior design space is not a joke. A great interior is key to creating a good work environment that boosts productivity among the employees and makes them happy. A quality workspace is just not about rows of cubicles anymore. As employees spend the majority of their day inside an office space, it is crucial that the office space is functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. According to this study, individuals who work in spaces that are adorned with natural features have 15% higher levels of overall well being. They also feel 6% more productive and 15% more creative at work. However, very few organizations pay attention to the office interior essentials that can truly elevate the workspace. 


So here is a handy guide rounding up all the office interior essentials that should definitely feature on your list.


Pay attention to the furniture 

Furniture is not just a mere fixture in an office space. It can play a vital role in impacting the productivity of your employees. Make sure that you pick pieces that do not block the view of the office space and encourage movement among the employees because sitting is the new smoking. This will help to foster collaboration among employees and also reinforce teamwork.  The furniture you choose should also be ergonomic so that your employees enjoy maximum comfort. Another option is to go for multifunctional pieces such as a multi-compartment shelf where an employee can place leisure items along with office files and stationery.


Introduce greenery in the space

Plants are a wonderful addition to your office space. Placing plants with air-purifying properties on the desk of all employees can reduce toxins and reduce their stress levels. Plants can also help combat the dust levels inside your office. According to this study, plants can reduce the amount of dust by at least 20%. A dust-free environment can ensure better health of your employees and increase their productivity levels. 


Choose the right colors 

Exposure to the right colors can have a huge impact on the mood and productivity of the employees. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to the colors you pick for your space. For example, blue represents intellect and is an excellent choice for increasing the focus of the employees. Yellow represents creativity and can help to promote positivity and happiness in the office. 


Allow a lot of natural light

Natural light has a positive effect on both physical and mental wellbeing. According to this study, employees who are regularly exposed to high levels of natural light in the office enjoy restorative sleep at night compared to those employees who have no exposure. While most offices are located in skyscrapers amidst a concrete jungle, installing floor-to-ceiling windows is a great way to allow natural light inside the office. You can also consider translucent partitions for interiors to get the most out of the sunlight. Naturally lit workplaces create a warm and satisfying environment for the employees and allow them to perform at their highest potential.


Design the layout carefully

Open office designs promote a free exchange of ideas and create a collaborative environment. If you want your employees to be creative and have high levels of productivity, open office design can surely help. Open office plans are also more flexible. It is easy to modify the seating arrangement with these plans. However, keep in mind that it is difficult to regulate the temperature with an open office plan compared to cubicles.


Don’t design boring meeting rooms

Meeting rooms should be a fun space where employees get motivated to come up with new ideas. Instead of having one large meeting room with chunky furniture, consider opting for smaller meeting rooms. The theme of the meeting rooms should be consistent with the image of your company. Pick the right colors and furniture that complement the space.  Also, pay attention to the lighting in the meeting rooms. It is best to avoid overhead lighting. Ensure that the windows are covered with blinds. 



Remember that the well-being of the employees is crucial for their productivity. Therefore, be mindful of the needs of your employees when you design an office space. Don’t hesitate to experiment until you land the perfect solutions for your office.


Whether you are a large corporation or just a start-up, picking the right office interior essentials is non-negotiable. We hope that the tips shared above help you to design the perfect space for your employees.


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