Ahuja Towers

Interior Contracting



Ahuja Towers is a 53-Storey Tower which holds exclusive 4 BHK apartments and limited edition 6 BHK sea-view penthouse. This ultra-luxury tower has separate entrances for residents and services, a 28 ft. high air-conditioned lobby and advanced home automation system. We took over the site in May 2017 and have worked hard at establishing systems, processes and enhancing overall functionality of the building. As it is a society that houses high profile individuals we had to be discerning and diligent whilst handling issues and creating value at the site. SILA has been serving Ahuja towers with their facility management services in Mumbai. 




SILA also deployed an efficient facility management team catering to the nuanced needs of the society members and has managed to drive operational efficiency and ensured site is being maintained at all times.




As the building was in disarray regarding accounting systems and financial practices being followed, SILA came in and got clarity and settled all the differences the society had with the builder. We also managed to set up a robust accounting model for the society which provides the members detailed information on the various accounts held by the society. SILA also managed to negotiate with the builder and get an amicable settlement for the society regarding issues faced by society for the completion of the building.


The systems of the building were not operational and SILA managed to set up all the systems and operate them as well as get their annual maintenance contracts in place. Gradually after careful analysis of energy consumption and by incorporating changes we also managed to reduce the electricity bill of the society. The water connection in the building was absent and the society was spending an exorbitant amount tanker water monthly. We managed to get a proper water connection from the BMC and reduced the reliance on tanker water considerably over time.


SILA has thus been successful in meeting the clients’ demand and taking appropriate decisions, which is the key to Facility Management Services.