Residential FM Services Provider in India

Facility Management

How SILA has grown to become a leading Residential Facilities Management Services Provider for Societies & RWAs in India’s Metro Cities

SILA began servicing its first large residential premises in 2014 at Mumbai’s Sumer Trinity Towers in Prabhadevi. After building a strong relationship and identifying growth opportunities, we expanded our scope to numerous high-end residential and commercial projects across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi (NCR), Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad including the Beau Monde Towers, Ahuja Towers, Samudra Mahal, Raheja Vivarea & Vistas, Phoenix Kessaku, Godrej 101, DLF Ultima, Brigade Metropolis, Forum Atmosphere, and Elita Promenade. 


Over the years, we were able to leverage our learnings in the residential services space to build a strong backend for upscale hospitality experience providers such as The Four Seasons Hotel, SoHo House and Trident Hotels in Mumbai, as well as the Mumbai and Bangalore Airport First & Business Class lounges. 


Challenges Faced

At SILA, we understand that every project comes with its unique challenges, and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and evolve according to the needs and limitations of our customers. At residential projects and buildings, it is often necessary to juggle the interests of multiple stakeholders, ranging from Developers to multiple Cooperative Housing Societies within a single development or project. In order for the Facilities Management Service provider to succeed, the interests and end goals of all stakeholders, which are usually conflicting, need to be balanced and aligned as much as possible. Interest related to the monthly outgoing budget and resident policies are the important ones. 


We are experienced in balancing the interests of multiple parties while facilitating smooth transitions from the developers to the housing societies. Working from the ground-up, we have built a strong, functional understanding of Resident Welfare Associations and Cooperative Housing Societies, and are able to leverage that understanding to align to customer needs and minimize costs to societies, while keeping with high standards of maintenance and operations, when dealing with multiple stakeholders. 


Value Created

Since we began with Sumer Trinity in 2014, we have maintained a strong delivery track record, growing to manage most of the high-end assets in the area with a 95% retention rate. Over the years, we have been able to revolutionise our customer experience services by introducing cutting-edge technologies and streamlining backend processes. Through our introduction of technologies and automated services, we have optimized our operational practices, while simultaneously bringing costs down, and have also revolutionized customer experience by installing customer-facing tech such as installing electronic mail room management systems, RFID stickers at gates, helpdesk management software, and more. 

Due to the health and safety concerns brought on by Covid-19, we have expanded our learnings in the tech space, and have used technologies such as IoT sensors to track AQI and radiation levels within these residential facilities as well. 


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