Phoenix Kessaku

Facility Management

Project Details


SILA started its operations at - Phoenix Kessaku, one of our top projects in Bangalore, and has been an on-going site with management of multiple assets. It has been known as an architectural marvel that has high-rise buildings, beautiful landscapes, modern architecture and hence needed a strong facility management partner to ensure that the space was kept in good shape.


Challenges Faced


Due to the prolonged Covid-19 outbreak, several maintenance services had to be delayed and limited personnel were deployed as the safety of the residents and teams was of utmost priority. Even with this delay, using effective functioning and good communication, the operations of this ‘Masterpiece’ building got back on track in a short span of time.


SILA’s facility management services team uses a combination of technological processes and skilled human resources to efficiently manage real estate for our clients.


Value Created


SILA provided it’s finest housekeeping and MEP services to Phoenix Kessaku which received a great response from the residents. We have ensured that the client was provided with a well-trained team that implemented efficient operations and procedures.


SILA has thus been successful in meeting the clients’ demand by taking the appropriate decisions to optimize productivity and reduce costs, which is the key to Facility Management Services.


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