Warehousing Case Study

Facility Management

SILA has demonstrated its ability to manage the expectations and interests of multiple stakeholders involved in the management of logistic parks and warehouses. Through the introduction of our processes and technologies, we have managed to streamline our operations both within and outside of the warehouses, while simultaneously optimising the efficiency of the facility as a whole. 


Effectively managing a warehouse/logistic park can have positive effects on the business output and save the client a great amount of money in the long run. This is why efficient warehouse management is an important part of the business. A well-managed and maintained warehouse is far more productive, efficient and cost-effective, ensuring seamless large-scale operations or employee downtime.


What SILA does differently to manage a warehouse or logistics park?

  • Implementing a planned Maintenance Schedule: SILA helps implement a planned maintenance schedule ahead of time which helps prevent operational concerns stacking up and identifying problems before they lead to bigger repairs or replacements which may result in business downtime.

  • Technology in Warehouse Management: In order to optimize profit while increasing efficiency, SILA helps integrate automation processes with IoT, use of its proprietary software - SILA Connect and robotics. 

  • Health & Safety: SILA has identified a range of risks which are present in warehouses from operating machinery to trip hazards and working with heights. Carrying out regular risk assessments and recording them are hence essential to run a warehouse or logistic park effectively.

  • ESG Initiatives: Technological implementations to help reduce the impact of pollution, following diversity and inclusion, providing equal opportunities to all in our workplace and carrying out fair trade practices is a huge part of the SILA culture.

  • Proven Industrial Relations & Compliance Management: SILA has taken on work in remote locations across the country following all local statutory norms and compliances.

  • Ability to provide support services: SILA can help with allied services such as fulfilment support, transport & logistics support to ensure a client’s needs are met at all times.


Through the introduction of technologies such as QR code-enabled sensors, solar panels, and cleaning robots, we have successfully streamlined operations within warehouses, while creating a self-sufficient environment and reducing the use of energy and personnel costs to the stakeholders involved. 


From the introduction of robots to automation of internal processes at warehouses, including maintenance, hygiene, cargo, personnel management and more, to external functions of larger parks, including road management services, horticulture, security - the SILA team provides a holistic approach to all the cogs of the warehousing system.

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