This summer, let’s keep your electricity bill chill rather than burning a hole in your pocket. With climate change all around us, the weather is only getting more extreme. This means that summers are getting hotter and seasons becoming more unpredictable. It’s a common refrain that we should take care of wasting electricity and be mindful about how much we consume, but sometimes it’s hard to survive without the AC on full blast. So, in this situation, how does one manage their electricity bills?

Service ACs Regularly

Taking care of your appliances is the best way to ensure high efficiency and low wastage. If your AC is leaking or your filter is dirty, AC usage can drop by 15%. By servicing your AC by a professional service provider once every 3 months, you can ensure that filters are regularly cleaned and that your AC is in good condition.

Switch Smart Lighting On

Did you know that incandescent light bulbs are extremely inefficient? They use a lot of energy yet have a relatively short lifespan. Only about 15% of the electricity they use gets converted to light, the rest fades away as heat! The best way to utilise your energy more efficiently is to switch over to LED bulbs. These bulbs last almost 25 times longer and also use 75% less energy. Sounds like an easy switch to us!

Use Fans With The AC

Fans are obviously more cost efficient than an AC however, they only provide a bit of wind and not much cooling down of the room. Though it does help you feel more comfortable, a fan cannot change the temperature of a room. However, when you use a fan and the AC together, you might see better results. The cooling and wind chill effect together mean that you need to keep your AC at 2-3 degrees higher than you normally would thereby saving money and energy.

Seal It Up

Living in India, you might think insulation is only required for the winter months. However, by preventing the seepage of cool air from inside your home and letting hot air in, means no matter what the season – your space is not cooling adequately. A simple procedure of caulking and weather-stripping can help you save up to 30% on your cooling costs. By protecting your indoor spaces against leaks is an inexpensive and easy way to seal your home and lower your energy bills.

At SILA, we understand that there are so many more ways to save money apart from simply buying fancy new appliances. To get your own energy audit conducted by us, get in touch with us at [email protected] and let’s start saving together!