Facilities management was initially considered as a simple function carried out by small contractors or in-house members, but now it has undergone a tremendous change. From covering the housekeeping services to looking after the operational upkeep of functional infrastructures, the demand for facility management is growing in the real estate sector. Maintaining the valuable real estate assets requires specialized skills and resources, which a dedicated FM company can deliver. FM service providers help in easing the daily operations at the organizations, thus enabling them to function at their most efficient and effective level.

Benefits of having a Facility Management company on-board:

Reduction in stress – Outsourcing facility management to a reliable facility management company will reduce the stress and pressure of managing your facilities in-house. You will have less to worry about handing over responsibility for managing and maintaining your site to the facility management company. The facility management company will ensure that all of your facility management requirements are met to provide you with essential and sustainable facility management solutions that comply with your requirements.

Single point of contact – Integrated facility management services help you reduce unnecessary time in the micro-management of a number of people. You will certainly only have one person (Facility Manager) in touch for any interaction. This helps to dissolve any ambiguity involved and streamlines the communication process. FM providers are known to provide a single window contact service to address all problems of residents and occupants through dedicated help desks and multiple communication channels.

Professional services – Facility management services involves various different services like:

·      Housekeeping & Pantry Management

·      Security & Fire Safety

·      Facility Management Consulting

·      Pest Control

·      Landscaping & Horticulture

·      Façade Cleaning

·      Energy & Safety Audits

·      Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Services

·      Society & Condominium Management

·      Office Support Services

This helps you get everything under one roof, with a professional approach.

Maintenance and Management – Maintenance is one of the most vital functionalities of a residential space. A dedicated facility management team will help you manage and maintain your space and increase its lifespan. This helps in avoiding any additional costs and maintenance pressures. This includes timely quality checks, repairs, housekeeping and making sure of the overall well-being of the residential spaces.

Health standards – having a strong facility management team helps you to improve your health standards, especially in these times of COVID-19. The facility management team will ensure that the standards for disinfection and sanitization are followed regularly and that the premises remain hygienic and germ-free. FM services also offer benefits in a variety of areas, including building maintenance, disaster management and sustainability.

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