In February 2015, in order to offer an extensive list of home services to residences across Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and New Delhi. The services include deep cleaning, sofa shampooing, pest control and home health analysis. Taking this a step further, we now venture into offering security & safety services – which includes fire detection & prevention systems, fire extinguishers, CCTV surveillance systems, video door phones and home automation.

While in a conversation with our friends from the home automation sector, we thought it best to ask a few crucial questions aimed at understanding the details. Sharing the answers with you:

Q. What Sort Of Technological Advancement For Residences Does Home Automation Offer?

A. Home Automation allows you to control all aesthetic and security aspects of your residence through smart devices – sheer convenience at your fingertips. The term ‘smart’ is employed because the system reacts to situations, based on prior setting. Your residence can be instructed to manage the level of lighting, temperature setting, audio/video, curtains/blinds and even appliances based on your presence and absence.

Also, in case of security breaches and accidental hazards, the system can issue predetermined alerts and signals. This allows you a comprehensive access to the entire residence from a remote location, allowing you to safeguard dear ones and valuables.

Q. Can We Discuss The Latest Home Automation Systems In Detail, And The Variety Of Options Available?


Home Automation is the next level of living, and it is essential to make the customer an integral part of the setup. Single Room automation covers lighting – dimming and switches, climate and temperature control, audio/video setting and curtains/blinds. Based on this experience, the customer proceeds to customize settings for each area in the residence.


Despite the residence having one home automation system in place, every individual room can have custom setting based on the occupants’ requirements. This covers everything from comfort and aesthetic preferences to security controls.


Designed to entertain guests and family members – living room automation has been focusing on entertainment, temperature and lighting controls. Lights can be dimmed at a certain time, music can be on the moment you enter and guests can be welcomed to a comfortable room away from a scorching summer. Since the living room also acts as a doorway to the residence, security can be configured through secure remote access too – with round the clock monitoring from your smart device.


In addition to the common room controls, kitchen houses appliances which could play a part in accidental hazards. Smart Kitchens are fitted with gas leakage detection systems, smoke detectors, flood sensors and fire alarms which are linked to audio and lighting systems. Appliances like refrigerators and coffee machines can be linked to the main system as well, allowing your coffee to be ready and brewing the moment you wake up.


Imagine having a bathroom that lights up when you enter, puts on your favorite song and spews water which is just the right temperature. With pre-programmed LEDs and integrated audio/video options, this makes for one luxurious bathing experience.


In addition to the controlling the ambience based on the occasion and the mood – this also allows you to conserve energy by switching on lights only when they are required.


Security is one of the most important aspects of home automation, and covers all entry & exit points of the residence – and also offers to cover entire floors, buildings and complexes. The features cover intrusion detection, intrusion alarms, remote monitoring through smart devices and creation of a safe zone for increased safety of dear ones and valuables.


The key feature of home automation is allowing the user remote access to all aspects of their residence at the touch of fingertips, through smart devices. Without the requirement of a static IP, home automation systems run on high quality cloud servers which enables hassle free control and seamless monitoring.


Home Automation will not work unless it is allowed to ‘read’ your movements, ‘feel’ your presence and ‘memorize’ patterns. As a result – devices, areas and appliances are fitted with sensors which include smoke detectors, motion sensors, flood sensors, gas detection sensors, vibration & shock sensors, temperature sensors and even a carbon monoxide sensor to ensure minimal air pollution and early detection of a fire.


The basic yet the most magical of all includes the curtain automation, which opens and closes the windows to wake you up at the right time – and gives you the privacy of your home in the evening. With pre-programmed levers, this is the next step in luxurious living.


Home Automation takes you outside the four walls, allowing you to control fences, gates and garage doors. In addition to quick access through remote devices which unlocks doors/gates as your approach, the smart photo sensors on these doors/gates also ensures that the obstacles don’t pose harm as they open. This includes gates that wing open, gates that slide open and doors which roll open.

Q. What Are The Other Trends In This Area?

A. Home Health has been a priority for Indian residences in the recent past – which led to an increased awareness on home health ratings, air quality, water quality, indoor pollution levels and personal well being. Home owners have been willing to invest in preventive measures to ensure a higher quality of life. Devices being used include stand-alone air purifiers, dehumidifiers, fire alarms and security systems. It has been an encouraging trend.

Now – India is warming to home automation and residences are fast moving towards implementing these systems during the renovation process, or before the handover. Currently, the system covers basic living & security aspects. The immediate next step would be integrate individual units with the building automation – and we would see residential societies, commercial complexes and hospitality buildings implementing these systems.

With a rise in wearable devices and health report tracking – integration with pacemakers, voice instructions & wristbands would soon be commonplace. This would also result in integration of all home health aspects – with air quality tailor made for asthma patients, lighting aptly dimmed for a medical patient, lighting made bright in presence of a toddler or a senior citizen, etc.

Home Automation is here to stay, and we would soon see technology ushering us into a premium evolved lifestyle.

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