As we self-quarantine, ensuring the safety of our families and those around us is crucial. There is a chance that someone tests positive for COVID-19 in your Residential Complex or Building. In the unfortunate event of a suspected infection found among residents/visitors within the premises, there is no need to panic. We recommend the following procedure:

At the time of testing (before results): If someone is suspected to have any symptoms of COVID-19, and is being tested for the illness, the building resident or his/her family must: 

1) Inform the Property Manager or Designated Supervisor via intercom or the phone about the suspected case. 

2) The Designated Supervisor or Manager on duty must then notify an appointed member of the Managing Committee (MC) or Residents Association. Either the Property Manager or the Appointed Resident Member should contact the family regarding the expected timeline of receiving the test result. 

3) In the interim, the family should be requested to provide the following information: 

People from the building that the family has interacted with over the past 14 days, including the Facilities Management staff.

Common areas of the building that all family members of the building may have visited over the past 14 days.  

This information must be kept confidential in the interest of the affected family.

After the test result:

1) The family must inform the appointed Resident Member or the Property Manager about the test result within 2 hours of receiving it. 

2) In the case of a negative result (no-infection), all the details collected in Step 1 will be discarded. 

3) In the case of a positive case of COVID-19, the following actions will be initiated:  

The family must inform the Property Manager or the appointed Resident Member about the result within 2 hours of receiving it, and whether the infected resident is being transferred to a medical facility outside of the building. 

In case of the need for hospitalization, the suspected resident must cover up by wearing protective equipment, such as hand gloves and a face mask while vacating the apartment. 

The infected resident must be assigned a designated elevator or path and must be escorted out by medical staff through a designated exit. 

Once the resident has been safely escorted out, the Property Management team should undertake a disinfecting exercise in the areas potentially infected. Residents will be notified that those areas are not to be used for a period of 4 hours after the treatment. 

4) The Property Manager must inform all other residents who may have interacted with the subject over the past two weeks to self-quarantine for 14 days and get tested at a Government-certified hospital for COVID-19 if they display any of the symptoms of the virus (please refer to your city’s authorized testing sites for exact locations). Each resident should follow the same protocol as listed above, once he/she receives test results. 

5) The apartment in which the suspected resident lives should be quarantined for 14 days. Only medical professionals should be allowed to enter or leave the said apartment. All essential items or services to be delivered to the apartment should be dropped outside the door of the apartment, instead of being hand-delivered. 

6) The suspected resident or his/her family members must inform the Property Manager once they are cleared by the medical authority to be negative for COVID- 19, after which the resident will be welcomed back to the premises.

We hope these measures will prove useful to you as we tackle the situation at hand. For additional measures or questions on how to combat COVID-19 at a Residential Building, Commercial building, Office, or Manufacturing Facility please reach out to us at [email protected]

We wish you all the best during these challenging times!

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