Piramal Group



We began servicing the Piramal Healthcare Group of companies in February 2011. Being a fairly inexperienced company at the time, SILA was handed a pilot project contract at one the group’s smaller offices in HCC 247, Vikhroli. SILA provides Integrated Facility Management Services at the group offices and buildings across Mumbai. We currently service Piramal Annex & Piramal Realty at Lower Parel; Piramal Healthcare at Vikhroli West, and Piramal Real Estate at Thane.

Read our full case study here: https://silagroup.co.in/case-study/piramal-group



Sila facility management looks after residential facility management along with commercial and industrial facility managementOur Facility Management services team uses a combination of technology, engineered processes, and skilled human resources to efficiently manage Real Estate for our clients. For more information visit https://silagroup.co.in/