As the world becomes increasingly connected, it offers organizations in the facility management sector an opportunity to engage with an employee at an enhanced level. Today’s teams seek job fulfillment and are keen to work for organizations that are known for their employee-friendly policies. Culture eats strategy for breakfast, and it is never too late to take the right steps in building a beneficial environment for your employees.

Is there a magic formula? Perhaps – work culture offers a distinct competitive edge to a facility management company, especially in existing market conditions. Spending on freebies and sops is often the easy way out, and the yield might be temporary.

Transformationational Leadership Aids Employee Retention

True retention is when teams stand by the organization when the times are tough. The true test of your employee retention policies is when the salaries are delayed, the freebies are nonexistent and the employees stick around because they believe in what they have helped build.

Transformational Leadership is an effective form. Through effective management and effective communication, facility management organizations have the potential of offering a compelling vision to employees across levels, across departments. This involves a mix of developing a service culture, brand building, and affinity for the team. The intangible trumps the tangible, and the results are evident.

Building a Culture of Promise

The promise of a win beyond a personal level and gains for the organization as a whole makes for a solid case and offers a challenging role for every employee. Quality talent seeks organizations that scale fast, offer growth profiles and the experience of a transition. It is important to nurture a move fast, fail fast culture to hire and retain A grade talent.

In addition to “moving fast and breaking things”, it is also crucial to note Mark Zuckerberg’s smart turnaround – “move fast with stable infrastructure”. Talent seeks stability and sustainable growth. By building a culture of well being, teamwork and trust – it helps teams to stay focused on the organization’s objectives.

At SILA, we have embraced the belief that identification of intent and grooming potential to deliver on performance has to be an important task for the leadership. This helps us deliver superior facility management services across India.