We made sure that the set standard operating procedures are followed by our integrated facility management teams to ensure full safety of our spaces and occupants. Some of the key points that we ensured are –

1) Increased frequency of cleaning of all high touch areas and using approved sanitizing chemicals. Make the cleaning process visible to people occupying the office. This will give them comfort.

2) SILA advises that antiviral fumigation treatments must be carried out on a weekly basis. 

3) Create a separate area/bin to deposit used masks & gloves. 

4) If you have a video display screen, create awareness about the COVID-19 and safety measures associated with it by displaying the necessary content (SILA can help with this if needed). 

5) Lifts to be used at less than half their capacity to avoid crowding.

6) It is recommended to avoid Air Conditioning systems, however, if the AC is to be used, windows and doors should be left open.

7) A relative humidity level of 40% to 70% must be maintained to prevent the spread of pathogens.

8) It is advisable to provide MERV 13 or higher filters fitted into the AC Handling units with the implementation of turnkey interior contracting solutions.

9) All washable AC filters must be cleaned with 5% Cresol solution mixed with Water, or 1% sodium Hypochlorite solution by an industrial facility management team.

10) If AC ducting systems are present, they must first be run on fan mode for a minimum of two hours with all doors and windows left open, and the filters must be cleaned before switching to Normal mode.

11) Toilets should be flushed and lids closed after anyone uses them.

12) In STP/WTP plants, the biocide treatment must be increased and tested with less than 25CFU/v.

13) Aerosol generation from any water source such as the STP shall be avoided. Face fit-tested elastomeric half-face respirator shall be used.