Calling for an expert for pest control services is the first thing you do after panicking during an infestation. However, unfortunately, by the time you’ve encountered an infestation, the damage is already done. Termites are probably one of the most destructive bugs that you could find in your residential or commercial areas. Usually hard to locate, termites may be hiding under the soil or inside your wooden furniture. But you may not notice termite infestation easily unless the damage to your property is already done. We usually only notice them when we see the damage like rotten wood, wood powder or something suspicious and call an expert for termite control services.

Ideally, the best way to control termite infestation is to call for facility management Companies that specialize in servicing quality outcomes of a termite turmoil, but if you are among those who like to handle it themselves, here are some tips and symptoms that might be handy to you.

Pre and post-construction termite control:

There are various phases of termite infestation. The termite checks and treatment done prior to building the house is called the pre-termite treatment and the one done after a good amount of time after building the house is called the post-termite treatment.

Here are the symptoms of termite infestation:

Mud like patterns

Termites form a layer on the wood. Sometimes you would also notice mud like pattern as if it has been made intentionally on the walls. When you touch that pattern, you will see it’s very thin and that’s the symptom of termite infestation on your walls.

Mud Tunnels

Mud tunnels that you can see easily can also help you find termite infestation in your house. Mud tunnels are built and used by termites and you can find these tunnels when there is moisture. Termites need food and water and this tunnel is like a bridge that connects food with the water. Termites mostly eat wood and need moisture as in the source of water to survive. You should search for symptoms in areas that are moist and also seal such leakages as a precaution.

Flying swarmers

Swarmers can also help you find infestation because during the summer, you can see swarmers flying around light bulbs or tubes and when you see them, chances are you have termite nests somewhere on your property. Swarmers are adult termites and they come out when there is not enough space in the nest they used to hide.

Another common symptom of termite infestation

You may notice a small little hole in your wooden materials as if it has been drilled –  this is a symptom of termite infestation. Sometime in the night, you may also notice the sound of wood biting, that’s another symptom. Similarly, when you see piles of tiny little wings of swarmers, you know there are termite infestations somewhere inside or outside of your house.

Call the expert for termite control services

So now when you have found a few symptoms, you should opt for integrated facility management services to investigate properly and suggest remedies and treatments depending on the kind of termite infestation you may have in your space.

Most of the real estate services platforms that offer various termite control remedies are spread widely across India.

Pest control expert uses various techniques to remove termite such as;

• Spraying the surface

• Drilling and Vacuuming the infested area

• Filling with Termiticides and so on

• They can also create customized solutions for termite treatments at your property. Hence it should be left to them because they know the drill better. 


Loss from a termite infestation is not covered under any insurance, but it still endangers a large number of costs. Termites are called the  ‘silent killers’ because they can weaken the structure – be it concrete or wood, by eating out the cavity and leaving behind a thin layer of mud. Termites are clever enough to hide, and this causes a delay in detecting the termite infestation. Hence, make a point to keep regular checks and call for facility management services