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Facilities management is broadly divided into two sections – Soft services and hard services. Soft services involve the provision of services that are variable in nature and help in making the premises a better place to work/reside in. Hard or Technical Services include services provided to maintain the hard infrastructure of the site like Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Systems.  Let’s look at the comprehensive list of soft services offered by FM companies.


Housekeeping services include everything from dusting to the cleaning of floors, window panels, glasses, floor scrubbing, floor polishing, carpet cleaning, vacuum cleaning, spot cleaning, wall washing, machine cleaning and maintenance in a planned manner. These tasks are performed efficiently by professionals who are deployed on the site after a series of training. The aim of the housekeeping team is to ensure that the premises are clean and habitable at all points.

Pantry Services:

These services are about ensuring that the pantry is equipped with RO water filters, Tea/Coffee Vending Machines, water coolers, food warmers, and the required Crockery. All equipment and stocks need to be checked regularly for normal functioning, temperatures, cleaning from inside of the machines. Keeping a tab on the inventory of crockery and cutlery and the materials. Keeping the cutlery and crockery clean as per the quality maintained for pantry hygiene and serving guests and occupants on the premises as per industry best practices and SOPs.

Waste Management:

Every building – be it residential, commercial, schools, hotels, restaurants, and hotels, produces substantial amounts of materials and waste. The facilities services team plays a key role in helping with the effective recycling and management of waste through various practices:

• Enabling all apartments to separately store dry and wet waste via two separate garbage bins

• Educating the occupants of the premises about segregation of wet and dry waste at source

• Allocation of garbage bins on every floor and podiums

• Daily collection and segregation of dry and wet waste from each unit and effective disposal of the same

• Monitoring waste management performance and waste management reports

• Procurement of appropriate waste processing equipment like compost machines, sewage treatment plants, etc., where required

Facade Cleaning:

The façade of your building is exposed to a lot of external factors – rain, dust, pollution, environment, weather change, etc. In order to maintain the sparkling exterior and the property value, façade cleaning is a mandatory requirement. This is done through water cleaning, chemical cleaning, and abrasive cleaning. 

Administration and Payroll Services – An important aspect of soft services is overseeing the administration and payroll function for staff on the premises and taking initiatives towards improving staff welfare. The facility management provider is getting increasingly involved in coordinating tasks related to this function.

Pest Control Services:

Pest Control Services aim to keep the premises free from mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches, ants, pigeons, flies, etc. These services have to go hand-in-hand with the housekeeping services as they are inherently dependent on each other.

Help Desk:

The soft services experience at any premises begins at the front desk/helpdesk for all occupants as well as visitors entering the premises. An extension of the front desk function is visitor management (entering details of visitors and guiding them to the appropriate floor/person, keeping the security function intact). The front desk/help desk is also a single point of contact (SPOC) for occupants to escalate any issues they may be facing in the premises like water leakages, cleaning issues, electricity outages, etc. The helpdesk then raises a flag to the appropriate team to rectify the issue raised by the occupants.


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