India is fortunate enough to have an abundance of household help which skillfully keeps most homes clean through a range of cleaning services. However, despite daily sweeping and mopping of the house, most nooks and crannies stay untouched unless they’re deep-cleaned. Let’s first define what deep cleaning is – a thorough cleaning treatment of your home which includes an intensive cleaning of every part of your home such as wall spotting, furniture treatment, upholstery, light fixtures, ceilings, fans, curtains, glass surfaces, steel polishing, wood polishing, washroom sanitization, and floor scrubbing using state of the art machinery. 

Now, let’s explore how deep cleaning is different from the regular cleaning that most of the homes are still unaware of.

Importance of Deep Cleaning:

The daily brooming and mopping of homes can only really clean the top of the surface and get rid of the macro elements that are visible to the eye. Most of the time, the actual stains and bacteria still stay intact. In deep cleaning, however, each surface is not only scrubbed clean to get under the layer of dirt that accumulates over time but each surface is also treated with a specific chemical that not only cleans the bacteria from the inside but also works in bringing the original shine back. This is the reason why the first time users are usually amazed by the deep cleaning results when they see their old marble floors, etc. shining again despite the daily cleaning they have been since years. A single disk scrubbing machine will undoubtedly surprise you with a noticeable difference.

Covers all Areas:

With regular day-to-day cleaning, usually floor surfaces and furniture gets the most attention. Hard-to-reach or less visible areas such as blinds, grouting, window stills, between and under the sofa cushions and chairs, behind the television sets and music systems, and so on are usually left out. However, with deep cleaning, you can rest assured that all of the areas of the house get equal cleaning treatment.

Clears Tough Layers:

Every home has a stubborn layer of dirt that is hard or impossible to clean; it may be on the bathroom fittings, sofas, mirrors or the floors. Cleaning professionals generally have the necessary tools and industrial-grade (and even eco-friendly organic alternative) cleaning agents to combat these stains and are able to clean all trouble spots without causing harm to the surface.

Upholstery Cleaning:

This is where a whole lot of dirt and bacteria’s settle in and this is also where they go undetected. The most that can be done is dry vacuum the mattresses, sofas, carpets, etc.  This is where upholstery cleaning helps; it allows you to scrub the upholstery, shampoo it and then suck the surface dry with the industrial vacuum.

Kitchens and Shelves:

This is an area where hygiene is a top priority. Most homeowners would agree that although their kitchens look clean from the surface there are still areas and corners that need to be cleaned. Each and every shelf and appliance need to be looked into for dirt on a regular basis. There are also these problematic areas with greasy oil. The deep cleaning professionals have a professional cleaning kit with tools and cleaning agents especially meant for kitchens. Cooktop, appliance exteriors, sink & taps, the inside of microwave or oven, bench tops, etc. all of it is covered in deep cleaning which is very difficult to otherwise do during the regular cleaning.

Washroom Sanitation:

This is usually the place with the biggest concern as it usually contains the most bacteria. A deep cleaning professional uses five different chemicals for an average washroom and takes an hour to clean it. Each surface is carefully treated with the right chemical be it acid based for sanitization or for steel, wood, glass, tiles, and floors. Irrespective of the dirt, the solution is available to remove it. The bath, counter tops, toilets, shower cabins, mirrors, etc. require expertise and tools that only a deep cleaning service company can provide.

High Ceiling Dusting:

High ceilings or windows are either difficult to reach or considered clean as there are no visible cobwebs. The light fixtures, the areas behind the a/c, fans, and etc. all do not get the attention they require. A deep cleaning service company has tools like a ceiling mop, duster, and others that help with the cleaning of the high ceiling.

The deep cleaning service company will give you a specific plan which will determine exactly what level of cleaning is recommended and which areas need to be focused on. Ideally, deep cleaning is done once in two months as it’s critical for minimizing the germs in your home that may cause illness and additionally, it also helps make your home look attractive. There may be special occasions when deep cleaning is very important like Diwali where you want to make sure that your home is festive ready!

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