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Partnering with JSW Group for Facility Management services

Over the last few years, the Indian real estate sector has been witnessing a rising demand for Real estate service providers who can undertake Facility Management, Project Management/Advisory and General Contracting services for various sectors.
Catering to this latent demand, SILA is ensuring positive high-value addition for a diverse client base including large Corporates, Real Estate funds, Landowners and Developers using a combination of technology.
engineered processes, and skilled human resources. One such example is that of JSW, counted as being amongst the largest conglomerates in the country, that is spearheading initiatives in core sectors like Steel, Infrastructure, Energy, Cement, Paints, Ventures and Sports. Let us look at how SILA is catering to the specialized needs of JSW Group companies in the area of Facility Management.
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Project Details

SILA’s association with the JSW Group began with providing Soft & Technical Services at JSW Realty & Infrastructure’s development project at Vijaynagar in the state of Karnataka. This was then followed by JSW Steel contracting the Housekeeping and Facility maintenance work at its plants in Vasind, Tarapur and Kalmeshwar in the state of Maharashtra.
At these three facilities, SILA was entrusted with providing Housekeeping services and catering to the upkeep of Pantry, Garden spaces, Washrooms, and common area maintenance with a collective team strength of 200 specially trained manpower, equipped with highly specialized mechanical and robotic cleaning
SILA leveraged its learnings about processes involved in downstream steel production to optimize operations and achieve a world-class level of hygiene.
Equipped with Jet Spray machines, Robotic Auto Scrubbers, Industrial-grade Heavy duty vacuum machines and a host of other advanced cleaning machinery; SILA also focused on building Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) processes to offer a superlative service on par with world-class facility management standards.
Backed by this experience, SILA was then awarded with the contract to cater to JSW Steel’s upstream steel products manufacturing facility at Dolvi in Maharashtra. With new capacity being constantly commissioned at the site in Dolvi, SILA’s task was more technical in nature and required further investments in heavy machinery like Ride on sweeping Machine, Vacuum trucks with 4000L capacity
Tipper Trucks, Man Lifters and Electric Breaker Machines. Due to the nature of operations & the facility size, SILA dedicated a team of 78 trained personnel at Dolvi that was solely responsible for facility upkeep and conducting routine maintenance operations. Additionally, SILA is also engaged in providing Soft & Technical Services at JSW Realty & Infrastructure’s development project at VVN as well as the entire gamut of Facility Management Services at its Hill Side Township project in the Indian state of Karnataka. Backed by its excellent track record and utmost focus on client satisfaction, SILA continues to build upon its strong association with the JSW Group and plans are afoot to extend its services to other JSW Group facilities spread across the country.

Challenges faced

Steel manufacturing involves extreme working conditions that necessitates a well-trained and equipped workforce that has a keen understanding of the processes involved to undergo safe work.
The team at SILA invested their time in learning about EHS requirements and invested in specialized heavy machinery like Skid Steer & Backhoe Loaders to minimize risk of operating in conditions where temperatures can reach up to 60 degrees centigrade.
In addition to such high temperatures, SILA’s workforce had to undergo rigorous training programs to safely work in areas such as blast furnaces, calcination plants, smelter units and also chimneys that can reach heights of 50m.
On the other hand, the premium Hill Side Township project undertaken by JSW Realty & Infrastructure demanded a level of finesse to manage housekeeping and common area maintenance needs; made possible by a 28-member team specifically trained to handle the nuances of such a project.

Value created

SILA takes immense pride in its value culture that is based in being proactive in adopting innovation, maintaining fair & transparent practices and developing long-term relationships with its clients through constant value-addition. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the resultant social distancing norms, the team at SILA re-configured work processes at JSW Steel’s production facilities using its proprietary technology platform called SILA Connect that streamlined the service delivery and operations even with manpower restrictions in place.
This also helped in ensuring maximum employee safety while upholding the facility management standards SILA has come to be known for. With a total team strength of 6500+ employees working across 75+ cities, SILA has been able to build a repertoire of domain knowledge across industries that has helped in fulfilling JSW Group’s varied requirements for each of the seven facilities currently under management.



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