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The increasing necessity to maintain cleanliness in both personal and commercial spaces has propelled professional housekeeping services to the forefront in India. Whether it’s for organizations, retail spaces, hospitals, or residential complexes, housekeeping services play a critical role. However, it is crucial to engage services from industry-leading professionals.

Why SILA’s Housekeeping Services?


Trained Staff –

SILA’s team consists of highly trained professionals who are well-versed in the latest cleaning techniques and standards, ensuring top-notch service every time.

In-House Team for Consistent Quality –

All staff members are directly employed by SILA, guaranteeing consistent quality and accountability across all services.

Dedication to Work –

Our team demonstrates unwavering dedication to their work, ensuring that every task is performed meticulously and efficiently.

Highly Experienced –

With extensive experience in the industry, our staff brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Focused on Quality –

Quality is at the core of SILA’s services. We implement stringent quality control measures to ensure superior service delivery.

Predictive Maintenance – 

We utilize predictive maintenance strategies to anticipate and address potential issues before they arise, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Tech-Driven Facility Management Solutions – SILA Connect

Our proprietary platform, SILA Connect, leverages advanced technology to streamline and optimize facility management operations. This platform enhances efficiency, transparency, and service quality through:

  • Automation: Managing compliance, attendance, and employee verification.
  • Process Tracking: Digitizing site operations, client dashboards, and optimizing processes.
  • Robotics & IoT: Implementing innovative solutions for cleaning, hygiene, air quality, and energy management.
  • Client Dashboard: Offering real-time tracking of QR codes, attendance, audits, and process management reporting.
  • Asset & Inventory Management: Comprehensive management of data, consumption, activities, history, and servicing.
  • WhatsApp Chatbot: Enabling easy customer support ticket raising.

Gender Equality – 

We believe in equal opportunities and have a diverse team that represents our commitment to gender equality.

Values – Proactive, Honest, and Building Relations

Our core values of proactivity, honesty, and relationship-building guide every aspect of our business, ensuring long-term client satisfaction.

SILA ensures the use of safe, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly materials and processes. Choosing SILA for your housekeeping needs guarantees a clean, dirt-free, and toxin-free environment in your office.

Housekeeping Services Offered by SILA 


1.Cleaning & Dusting

Many local janitors fall short in basic cleaning and dusting tasks. SILA, one of the best housekeeping services in India, ensures thorough cleaning from glass doors to hidden corners, using exceptional products and techniques.


Our deep clean vacuuming service removes dirt from floors and tables, leaving your carpeted areas spotless. Our staff is available to assist throughout the day, ensuring a pristine workspace.

3.Disposing the Waste

Avoid unpleasant odors from accumulated trash with our round-the-clock waste disposal services. Our staff is trained in waste segregation and proper disposal to maintain a clean environment.

Pantry Services Offered by SILA


1.Keeping the Sink and Table-Tops Germ-Free

We ensure all areas, including pantry sinks and table-tops, are thoroughly disinfected and germ-free using top-quality cleaning products, ensuring a hygienic environment.

2.Delivering the Eatables

Our cafeteria support staff can bring snacks and meals to your desk, allowing you to enjoy breaks without leaving your seat. We ensure a seamless and relaxing experience for you and your employees.

3.Cleaning and Maintaining the Cafeteria’s Equipment

SILA’s professionals regularly clean and maintain cafeteria equipment like coffee machines and water dispensers. We also ensure utensils are cleaned and ready for the next use.

Office Outdoor Services Offered by SILA


1.Maintenance of Parking Lot

A clean parking lot reflects a professional environment. SILA’s experienced staff uses a thorough checklist to maintain cleanliness and order in your parking area.

2.Cleaning and Sterilizing Corridor Railings and Elevator Frames

High-touch surfaces like elevator buttons and railings are sanitized with effective cleaning agents to remove impurities and germs, ensuring a safe environment.

3.Looking after Horticulture Needs

We enhance your outdoor spaces with our horticulture services, including garden maintenance and grass trimming, to keep your surroundings beautiful and well-kept.

SILA adopts a tech-driven approach, utilizing Robotics and IoT, Automated Compliance Management, and our proprietary technology (SILA Connect) to efficiently manage properties across India. As pioneers in technology within the facility management sector, SILA stands out as one of the best Housekeeping service provider in Mumbai & Bangalore, India.

Industries We serve –  

Commercial Offices & Buildings | Manufacturing & Heavy Industrial Facilities | Residential Complexes & Townships | Hotels & Campuses | Airports & Malls | IT Parks & Data Centers | Warehousing & Logistics Parks | Banks & Retail

Present in 125 cities –  

Ahmedabad | Baroda | Bengaluru | Chennai | Bhubaneswar | Delhi | Gurugram | Noida | Kolkata | Hyderabad | Kochi | Mumbai | Pune & more

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1. Why is Housekeeping Important?

A thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained environment fosters a sense of safety, comfort, and enjoyment. In a clean space, individuals do not have to worry about being exposed to unsanitary conditions, ensuring a healthier living or working environment.

Yes, our housekeeping staff is trained, verified, and qualified to perform all housekeeping services to the highest standards.

  1. Domestic Housekeeping: This involves cleaning and maintaining private households.
  2. Institutional Housekeeping: This includes services for commercial establishments such as hotels, resorts, inns, boarding houses, dormitories, hospitals, and prisons.
  • High Standards: Professional housekeeping services prioritize customer satisfaction by adhering to strict guidelines, using the latest techniques and equipment, and providing reliable customer support to ensure desired results.
  • Increased Efficiency: Professional cleaners, with their specialized knowledge, experience, and equipment, can complete tasks faster and more effectively than in-house employees, making building maintenance more efficient.
  • Customized Solutions: At SILA, we understand that every client has unique needs. We tailor our services to fit your commercial site, whether it’s for construction cleanup or daily management.
  • Risk Mitigation: Outsourcing helps mitigate risks associated with labor issues, such as disputes, turnover, and compliance with labor laws. Service providers manage their own employees, reducing these risks for your business.
  • Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing non-core functions like housekeeping, hotel management can concentrate on core competencies such as guest services, marketing, and overall operations.

About SILA -

SILA – A Real Estate platform driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Our businesses include Real Estate Services which offer Facility Management, Contracting Solutions and Real Estate Advisory. Our other business is Real Estate Development. We have a diverse client base in various sectors which include large Corporates, Real Estate Funds, Landowners and Developers.

Over the last decade, SILA has scaled efficiently, managing over 150 million square feet of assets, with over 20,000 employees pan India. The platform is backed by Norwest Venture Partners and Samara Capital Group in our Real Estate Services and Development arms, respectively. 

SILA is one of the best facility management companies in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & more. 

SILA is among the top facility management companies in India, offering comprehensive property management services and housekeeping solutions. As a leading facilities management company, SILA provides tailored FM solutions, including  housekeeping services in Mumbai. Leveraging our expertise, we ensure seamless property management for clients nationwide. Whether you require housekeeping agency support or specialized facility management solutions, SILA delivers excellence in every aspect of your property’s upkeep and maintenance.



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