SILA Group provides facility management service at Accor Group of Hotels.

For anyone involved in project delivery, it highlights how understanding the customer’s goals and requirements from the very start, has the power to either make or break a project. Being in the Facility and Construction management business, its highly essential for us to understand customer service in all detail. We review every aspect of a project to ensure it is being done according to our best practices.

In 2013, SILA and Construction Management & Development Inc. (CM&D), USA, formed a joint venture to provide project management services for real estate development projects in India. The company aims to provide reliable and timely project delivery for clients investing in or developing projects in India.

CM&D SILA’s services include overall owner’s representation, strategic planning, program management, project management, construction management, project controls, technical services (such as project assessment, cost estimating, design review, and scheduling), risk management analysis, claims management and resolution, and loan monitoring.


CM&D SILA has been appointed by Blue Rock Hospitality Ventures to manage overall design and execution for 3 Accor flagged hotels, in multiple locations across Gujarat and one in Goa. It was quite an exciting yet challenging task, as Accor Hotels group owns, operates and franchises 3,700 hotels (spanning all inhabited continents) representing several brands, from budget and economy lodgings to five-star hotels.


Remote location was a key concern. As a result, maintaining high quality parameters with locally available material was a challenge. Remote projects have their unique problems that are caused mainly by the remoteness of the project itself, despite of rapid progress in the project management field. Coordinating local efforts, budgets and expectations with an international interior designer based in Canada was quite a task. Hence it takes adequate knowledge of risk involve in construction project of remote sites to be able to enhance construction productivity.


CM&D SILA is proud to note that our team filled the gaps in scope for consultants assigned prior to our engagement. We used CM&D’s execution best practices and technology along with SILA’s local expertise to provide high-quality project management services. We redefined design brief to match the owner budget, and brought in a high level interior contractor with in house design ability. Further for implementation, we appointed a contractor with extensive small to medium size hotel experience, and value engineered foundation systems, site infrastructure to show considerable savings. The effort put forth by every employee in this project was remarkable.

SILA solely believes in integrity, hence a righteous path of success is always certain.