On 3rd March 2014, the Property Times carried the following headlines which led to the birth of our new company. SILA and Construction Management and Development Inc. (CM&D) have formed a joint venture – CM&D SILA Development Services India Pvt. Ltd. – to provide Project Management and related services for Real Estate development projects across India.

CM&D SILA aims to provide reliable and timely project delivery for clients investing in or developing projects in India. The company CM&D SILA will specialize in development, project and construction management. The services include overall owner’s representation, strategic planning, program management, project management, construction management, project controls, technical services (such as project assessment, cost estimating, design review, and scheduling), risk management analysis, claims management and resolution, and loan monitoring.

CM&D SILA’s expertise is in mediating construction disputes, which expedites the schedule and minimizes delays and cost overruns – all projects in India to date have been examples of where capital market client have brought in CM&D SILA to expedite or take control of the project in order to ensure timely delivery. At the front end, they can provide developers and capital market client’s invaluable assistance through realistic project feasibility assessment, development strategy, and planning. CM&D SILA manages the entire project from concept to closeout through a proprietary Project Management training system.

CM&D and CM&D SILA are currently working on various Global and Indian projects – across sectors like hospitality, retail and entertainment, residential, timeshare, commercial & mixed use and Institutional Projects. In India they have recently completed the first International Financial Centre (FIFC Tower) – BKC, Mumbai, for Starwood Capital; The Ritz-Carlton (Shell & Core) – Bangalore for Apollo and are currently involved with Whispering Woods Jaipur (a 1.3 million sq. ft. residential property), Four Seasons Hotel, Private Residences at Bangalore, as Owner Representative for Goldman Sachs.

James B Salter, CCI, CPM, Chairman (CM&D Inc.) says, “We assume the role of overall manager of the project and provide the critical leadership necessary for success. With our sound project management delivery system, we provide focused project direction and develop disciplined team framework and project vigilance. Our system enables us to deliver the financial security and risk management demanded by our clients. We are ever dedicated to our client’s vision of their project and their anticipated ROI, while constantly identifying and mitigating potential risks. In short, we are your project’s CEO and the buck stops here.”