SILA is the fastest growing provider of facility management services in India.

CM&D SILA’s expertise is in mediating construction disputes, which expedites the schedule and minimizes delays and cost overruns – all projects in India to date have been examples of where capital market client have brought in CM&D SILA to expedite or take control of the project in order to ensure timely delivery.

CM&D SILA’s services include overall owner’s representation, strategic planning, program management, project management, construction management, project controls, technical services (such as project assessment, cost estimating, design review, and scheduling), risk management analysis, claims management and resolution, and loan monitoring.


CM&D SILA was appointed by Pepperfry to roll out two locations for their furniture studios in the Western region. The project predominantly aimed to develop an entirely new structure for their upcoming studios. It was quite an intimidating task as the involvement was with a professional service organization and we had to work with shared resources, that often create inevitable challenges.


Pepperfry project was quite an interesting one, as they have grown enormously over the last few years, which was an inspiration for us to give our best, as we could relate with them. We had few challenges to face which were on our boat to the fast sail. The design changes were made late in the process of execution because of few unavoidable reasons. Large number of structural repairs were on a row which were required for the structure. Due to society and government rules, we were restricted not to work for extra hours. One of the unfavorable challenges was the weather condition, which often resulted in power outages. Having that in mind, we were uncertain about meeting the deadlines mentioned because of the power glitch and significant restoration of the entire structure.


CM&D SILA is proud to note that our team developed a detailed design schedule to get this project delivered. We improved design deliverable package with well defined specifications and greater level of drawing details. It was brought by a high level interior contractor to execute and successfully showed considerable savings over the North Zone. On a good note, we made sure to meet the deadlines as specified before the work started, by delivering high quality finished studios within the timeline. Fortunately, we developed the site due diligence criteria, liaised with the landlord and negotiated structural and civil repairs.


This SILA culture of trust transcended boundaries and was lived by the field teams on sites – thus impacting customer experience in unimaginable ways.