Are you moving homes or perhaps looking to spruce up an old space? Well, here’s the ultimate guide on what’s trending and what’s passé so that your home looks as fresh as ever.


Whether it comes to fashion, design, food or travel, there is nothing that is making more of an impact than eco-friendly living. We are turning to more conscious and mindful behaviours in every aspect of life so why not extend this to our home decor? You can employ many sustainable changes from repurposing old furniture to choosing natural materials like cotton, jute, cane and cork. DIY is another big trend that is also a great family activity! You can create naturally dyed textiles or even build something together at home.

Multipurpose Rooms

The pandemic turned our homes into our sanctuaries, and we used each room for hours more than we ever thought we would. This allowed us to see the potential in each space while making note of what we really need at home, and what we can do without out. For example, rather than having larger meeting spaces, many families are choosing to convert rooms into home gyms, home offices and dens and make one room serve many purposes. We all want more flexibility in our lives and this idea extends to our homes as well.

Brown in Back!

Maybe it’s our desire to be closer to nature or perhaps it’s the flexibility and utility of this earthen hue, but the colour brown is back with a vengeance. From a dark beige to chocolate browns, designers around the world admit that this shade is experiencing a huge reemergence. The all-white minimalist interiors of 2-3 years ago are now making way for darker, more moody palettes that provide comfort, warmth and visual excitement. Camels, cognac, caramels and burnt umber are all beautiful shades to work with this year and luckily match very well with both darker and lighter hues.

Curved Edges

Perhaps it is that same desire for softness, comfort and warmth at home that has made rounded, curved and sculpturally designed pieces so popular. From deeply curved, sensual sofas to small objets d’art, this trend is one that has been around for a while. We love combining sculptural pieces in different shades of brown, for example a set of nesting tables or even coasters and accents upon an ambiguously shaped coffee table

Bringing Nature Home

From using earthy tones to mimicking the shapes seen outdoors, people are looking for new and exciting ways to have a sense of the world around them at home. This trend is linked to the desire for sustainability as many people are choosing natural materials and fibres that feel unfinished and rough. Plants are also a huge trend that peaked during the pandemic as so many people now had time on their hands to care for the shrubs at home.

No matter how you choose to design your home, the key is to stay true to your personality and innate sense of style. Get in touch with us at xxx to learn more about our general contracting solutions and options.