You might have heard quite a bit about us, but perhaps you’re still wondering about what SILA does precisely. We don’t blame you for wondering this as we are involved in quite a few verticals and work with various industries in different capacities. At the core of it, SILA is a real estate platform that manages over 125 million sq. ft. of real estate and a team that is 16,000+ strong.

We work across four key verticals while staying true to the values and ideals that guide us in everything we do. These values are to be proactive, where we don’t shy away from innovation and technology. We believe that in order to move mountains, you need to shake things from the ground up first. Honesty and goodwill drive everything we do, we take huge steps to be as transparent as possible and deliver what we say we will for all stakeholders. The third value that drives us is centred around developing relationships. The sky is the limit when you look at every interaction as an opportunity to grow and collaborate.

As of today, there are four arms through which we operate.

Facility Management

This might be the space where you’ve seen us most often. This is where we are most visible to homeowners and residents like yourself and a business that we have worked on for years. We offer facility management services to commercial and residential spaces and have built up a network of incredible talent and skills in this area. Some of our clients include names like Trident Hotels, Soho House, Ashok Towers and others.

Real Estate Development

Our most recent venture is one we started in 2019. Here is where our brownfield development strategy aligns with NBFCs and funds to provide solutions to stressed real estate situations in their portfolios. Our development art is currently constructing around 400,000 sq. ft. of real estate and has been invested in by Samara Capital.

Contracting Solutions

The Contracting Solutions space is a fast-growing market owing to multiple reforms in the real estate sector in India. SILA has built up strong and reliable capabilities in this space and offers project management through the use of our proprietary technology and innovation.

Real Estate Advisory

In 2013, SILA formed a Joint Venture with Construction Management & Development Inc. (CM&D), USA, to expand CM&D’s Construction & Project Management business in India. Using CM&D’s best practices built over 30 years and global experience, along with SILA’s local expertise, we provide Project Management and Advisory Services to clients across India. In 2018, SILA bought back CM&D Inc’s. entire stake in the Indian Joint Venture further strengthening our position in this space.

If you are interested in working with us across any of these areas or have questions we can help you with, feel free to email us at [email protected]